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Child Therapy Office

Our Approach

Our services are based on the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), an evidence-based intervention which has been shown to be highly effective in helping children make significant gains in their development, behaviour and learning. 

Our programs aim to increase behaviours that promote learning or are beneficial, decrease behaviours that compete with learning or are harmful, and teach specific foundational skills using a structured, 1:1 approach, tailored to each child's individual interests. 

We implement modern ABA, which respects neurodiversity, and the importance of kids staying happy, relaxed and engaged during therapy. -What does that look like in practice? It looks like kids who run to the door, thrilled to see us when we arrive, who can't wait to "play" with us their whole session! (Aren't we sneaky?! They don't even realise it's "therapy", despite how much they learn and progress!) During sessions kids spend much of their learning time on the floor with toys, or changing to various spot around the room. A little bit of time at a table can be appropriate for some children who are getting ready to transition to school- but not too much, and balanced with lots of play and fun. 

We're big believers in caregiver training and involvement. Whether our Behavioural Consulting model is the best match for your family, or our ABA Therapy services, you will be involved in our processes every step of the way. In fact, studies show that involved parents/caregivers lead to better outcomes! You can even watch therapy sessions sometimes and learn alongside your child.
The door is always open with us. As it should be.

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