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ABA Therapy BCBA board certified behaviour analyst autism spectrum disorder ASD applied analysis OT

Individualised behaviour & learning solutions 

because every child
deserves the chance
to thrive

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Our Vision

We believe in the potential of every child to learn, thrive, and achieve the happy life they deserve. We respect neurodiversity, and encourage self-expression and self-advocacy.

Budget should never be a barrier to possibility. We can help you with focused, customized solutions which make the most of your available resources, and help your family unlock progress and positive change.

We specialise in helping learners aged 2-12 with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), developmental delays, speech and language delays, learning difficulties, challenging and oppositional behaviours, aggression, social skills deficits and more. We don't require a diagnosis to work with your child, and we provide all necessary steps for intervention: assessment, program planning, direct implementation, and -most importantly- the FUN.

Contact us now for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your child's needs and find out how we can help

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ABA Therapy BCBA board certified behaviour analyst autism spectrum disorder ASD applied analysis OT

Here's how we can help:

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Behaviour Consulting

We're here to help solve problems that impact your child & family's quality of life, including:
- Tantrums
- Oppositional behaviour
- Aggression
- Self-Injurious Behaviour
- Transitions
- Toiletting
- Eating
- Communication
- Social Skills
- Adaptive Life Skills
- & More

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ABA Therapy

We offer focused Applied Behaviour Analysis programs, starting at as little as 2 hours per week. Services in-home, or at your child's daycare or school.

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Parent Training & Coaching

Learn the most effective strategies for handling & improving challenging behaviours, or for teaching your child. We can also design and train you in Caregiver-Lead Interventions, and provide ongoing supervision & support.

Bathroom Tiles

Toilet Training

We work with you to help improve toiletting skills
in children of any age.

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Social Skills

We work with your child to help them build their social confidence, and succeed on the playground and in life! Learn how to make friends, join a group, solve conflicts, say no, self-advocate, understand non-verbal language and more!

Ideal for little kids to pre-teens. 

Social Skills Groups are offered on a varied schedule throughout they year, and are subject to interest and enrolment. 

Preschool Class

School Readiness Skills

We can help your child develop the skills s/he needs to transition to kindergarten, and succeed in mainstream school settings. This could include:
- Attending to tasks
- Sitting for circle time
- Communicating essential needs
- Social Problem Solving 
- Other goals, based on your own child's specific needs

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School & Daycare Consulting

Is your child struggling at their daycare or school? Are you getting frequent emails and calls about their behaviour? Are they having trouble integrating socially or following routines? We can work together with you and your child's team to find solutions!

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